The Story Behind Our Sparkle

‘We come from a long line of family jewelers, so to us, jewelry is more than something you wear. It’s an expression, an art form, an extension of yourself.’

We believe exceptional handcrafted jewelry has the power to evoke beauty, invigorate your spirit and elevate occasions into unforgettable moments. We also believe quality collections and luxury pieces should be more accessible. 

So, in 1998 -- driven by this vision and guided by our heritage -- we poured our expertise for sourcing best-in-class gemstones and our passion for craftsmanship into Peora. Today, as a family-owned company, we handcraft quality gemstone jewelry that empowers the wearer and emanates elegance and style. 

Because we're independent, we have full control over how we do things – from selecting the finest stones and creating unique designs, to selling directly to our customers online. This puts us in a very fortunate position. By cutting out the middlemen, we can align with our vision and offer our customers finely crafted gemstone jewelry at the best possible price; a gift we’re honored to give.

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