No More Guessing: How To Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

Do you know your true ring size? Use this simple guide to accurately measure men's and women's ring sizes:

1. Cut a piece of string

2. Wrap the string around your finger

3. Mark the points where the ends meet

4. Extend the string and measure the length

Remember, the ring may fit and feel differently depending on the design, width and thickness. Now that you know your ring size, it's time for some shopping. Additionally, if you need further assistance with finding your ring size, we've made a handy guide. Please note you'll need access to a printer to use this guide.

Download the Ring Size Guide here.

Found your ring size? Let's start shopping! Click your ring size below.

Size 4 Size 4.5
Size 5 Size 5.5
Size 6 Size 6.5
Size 7 Size 7.5
Size 8 Size 8.5
Size 9 Size 9.5
Size 10 Size 10.5
Size 11 Size 11.5
Size 12 Size 12.5
Size 13 Size 13.5
Size 14
Peora Ring Size Guide

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