Peridot: The August Birthstone

Peridot Gemstone Gold Jewelry
If you're celebrating your birthday in August, you're in for a treat because your birthstone is the enchanting Peridot. Just like the vibrant landscapes of late summer, Peridot exudes a lush green hue that captures the essence of the season. In this guide, we'll delve into the captivating world of Peridot, exploring its history, symbolism, and unique characteristics.

Peridot: A Gem with Rich History and Symbolism

Peridot is not just a gemstone; it's a window into history and a symbol of nature's beauty. Just like the July birthstone, the ruby, has its roots deeply embedded in tradition, Peridot holds its own tales of significance. Here's what you need to know:

  • Origin
    • Peridot, a gem-quality variety of olivine mineral, originates deep within the Earth's mantle.
    • Its mesmerizing green color earned it the nickname "evening emerald."
  • Discovery
    • Peridot's sources span the globe:
      • Egypt: Ancient mines on the island of Zabargad were a prominent source.
      • Arizona, USA: San Carlos Reservation boasts high-quality Peridot deposits.
      • Myanmar, Pakistan, China, and more: These countries contribute to Peridot's global presence.

Captivating Hue and Formation

Loose Peridot Stones

Peridot's allure lies in its captivating hues and unique formation process:

  • The Color Spectrum: Peridot dazzles with hues ranging from yellowish-green to vibrant lime green, its intensity linked to iron content.
  • Nature's Crucible: Peridot forms deep within the Earth's mantle under immense heat and pressure. It's brought to the surface through volcanic activity.

Valuable and Symbolic

The value of Peridot, like the depth of its color, adds to its allure:

  • Value and Rarity: Larger, high-quality Peridot gemstones are prized for their rarity and value, rivaling other precious gems.
  • Symbolism and Healing: Throughout history, Peridot has symbolized renewal, vitality, and emotional balance. It's believed to bring relaxation and alleviate stress.

Made to Order Peridot Gold Rings

Celebrating August's Birthstone

Peridot's radiant green hue is the perfect embodiment of August's late summer vibe. Its timeless charm and significance make it a cherished choice for August-born individuals. Whether you're celebrating your own birthday or commemorating someone dear to your heart, Peridot jewelry is a celebration of life, nature, and the season.


Facts About Peridot:

  • Peridot derives its name from the French word "peritot," signifying gold, which beautifully mirrors its enchanting golden-green shade.
  • Created through intense pressure and heat within the Earth's mantle and propelled to the surface by volcanic forces, Peridot possesses a unique and fascinating formation process.
  • The value of Peridot is closely tied to its size and rarity, with larger stones being particularly precious. Prices for Peridot gems fluctuate based on factors like color, clarity, and size, offering a range of options for enthusiasts.
  • Peridot symbolizes renewal, vitality, and relaxation, making it a cherished gemstone associated with emotional equilibrium and well-being.

Gifts for August Birthdays

Looking for the Perfect Gift for August Birthdays? Explore a selection of our favorite and highly sought-after pieces below!

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Final Thoughts

As you embrace your birthstone, remember that Peridot holds a legacy of beauty, symbolism, and cultural significance. Whether you choose to wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, Peridot jewelry is a testament to the vibrant spirit of August. Explore our collection to find the perfect piece that captures the essence of this remarkable gemstone.


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