May’s Birthstone: A Guide to Emeralds

As May unfolds its petals, enveloping the world in a vibrant array of colors, one gem shines brightly amidst the blossoms - the majestic emerald. With its lush green hue and rich history, the emerald holds a special place as the birthstone of May.

A Glimpse into History


Emeralds hold a storied past that stretches back millennia. You'll discover a rich tapestry of human history woven with emeralds, prized for their mystical allure and captivating hue. From ancient Egypt, where pharaohs and high priests revered them as symbols of fertility and eternal youth, to the sacred adornments of the Inca Empire, emeralds have held a storied past that spans millennia.

Cleopatra, renowned for her opulent tastes, famously adorned herself with emeralds, believing in their mystical powers to bestow wisdom and vitality. Across the globe, the Inca civilization revered emeralds as sacred gemstones, associating them with Pachamama, the goddess of fertility and abundance. The Aztecs, too, held emeralds in high esteem, fashioning them into intricate jewelry and talismans imbued with spiritual significance.

As empires rose and fell, emeralds continued to captivate hearts and minds, gracing the crowns of European monarchs and adorning the jewelry boxes of noble families. Prized and cherished by ancient civilizations, emeralds were believed to hold the power to grant wisdom, youth, and even predict the future, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of history.

The Science Behind the Beauty

Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral family, renowned for their striking colors and crystalline structures. What sets emeralds apart is the presence of chromium and vanadium, which imbue them with their distinctive green hue. The intensity and saturation of this green color vary, ranging from pale green to deep, velvety shades.

Gemologists evaluate emeralds based on several factors, including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The most prized emeralds exhibit a pure, vivid green color with minimal inclusions, enhancing their beauty and value.

Modern Marvels: Emeralds Today


In the modern era, emeralds continue to captivate our hearts. From the mines of Colombia, which produce some of the finest specimens in the world, to the bustling workshops of renowned jewelers, emeralds remain a coveted treasure sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Today, emeralds adorn the red carpets of Hollywood and the halls of royalty, gracing the fingers, necks, and ears of celebrities and dignitaries. Their rich green hues evoke a sense of refinement and luxury, complementing any outfit.

Beyond their role in high fashion, emeralds are also valued for their ethical and sustainable origins. Many jewelers now source their emeralds from responsible mines that prioritize fair labor practices and environmental stewardship, ensuring that these precious gems are as beautiful as they are ethical. Additionally, they provide alternatives such as lab-created and simulated emeralds, ensuring a range of choices for consumers who prioritize ethical sourcing.

Symbolism and Significance

14K White Gold Created Emerald Ring Cushion Checkerboard Cut 2.00 Carats

Emeralds have deep symbolic meaning that goes beyond just looking beautiful. Being the birthstone for May, they represent renewal, growth, and energy, reflecting the essence of the season and the beauty of nature. They are also seen as symbols of love and kindness, making them popular choices for engagement rings and anniversary gifts, or special gifts, to show devotion. Their green color symbolizes the heart chakra and helps to balance emotions. Apart from their romantic significance, emeralds are believed to bring harmony and calmness, giving those who wear them a feeling of peace and balance.

Where is the May Birthstone Found?

Natural emeralds are found in select regions around the world, with Colombia being renowned for its high-quality gems, known for their intense green color and exceptional clarity. Emeralds are also found in Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan, among other countries.

On the other hand, simulated and synthetic emeralds, which are created in laboratories, offer an alternative to natural emeralds. Responsible manufacturers ensure that the materials used in simulated and synthetic emeralds are ethically sourced, often opting for environmentally friendly processes and recycled materials, thus minimizing the environmental impact associated with gemstone mining.

May Birthstone Care & Cleaning

In terms of durability, emeralds rank moderately high on the Mohs scale, which measures a gemstone's hardness. With a rating of 7.5 to 8, emeralds are durable enough for everyday wear but require gentle care to maintain their luster and beauty. It's essential to avoid exposing emeralds to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, as these can damage the stone over time. The safest way to clean emeralds is to gently scrub them with a soft brush and warm, soapy water.

In conclusion, emeralds offer more than just beauty; they provide a window into history, culture, and personal expression. The May birthstone harmonizes beautifully with the joyous abundance of life in full bloom. With the rich green hues of emerald, it's inevitable that we'd be spellbound by its charm. At Peora, we're dedicated to ensuring that anyone who admires the verdant beauty of green or is born in May remains captivated. Now, you can treat yourself—or a loved one—with an emerald that embodies the spirit of the season's exuberance.

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