Lab-Created Diamonds: The Basics

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In the recent year, you've likely encountered the term "lab-grown diamonds" and wondered about their authenticity. We're here to untangle the mysteries surrounding these dazzling gems and shed light on what makes them truly special.

Q: What exactly are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are crafted above ground in controlled laboratory settings. They possess the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds but are produced without the environmental strain of traditional mining. Just like their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamonds are each unique, with distinct inclusions and growth patterns.

Q: How are lab-grown diamonds created?

Advanced technology is utilized to cultivate diamond material in a lab. A thin diamond slice containing the atomic blueprint for a new diamond is used as a foundation. Carbon is introduced into a plasma reactor at a searing 10,000°F. Atom by atom, the diamond lattice forms, mimicking the natural process of diamond formation. The result is an individual diamond, meticulously planned for an exceptional cut.

Q: Where are the diamonds cut?

All lab-grown diamonds are expertly cut within controlled environments in laboratories.

Q: Are they all flawless? Can they be customized in size?

Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds exhibit individual inclusions and unique growth patterns, ensuring no two are alike. Customization based on specific size preferences isn't feasible since they have their own distinct color, clarity, and size. While finding or creating diamonds larger than 1 carat involves substantial investment, lab-grown diamonds can range from 0.50ct to 8ct.

Q: Are lab-grown diamonds more affordable than natural ones?

Lab-grown diamonds are generally priced lower than natural diamonds, often significantly so. Their affordability is subject to stone specifications and market fluctuations as technology and the industry evolve.

Q: Intrigued by lab-grown diamond engagement rings?

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