Choosing the Right Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Shopping for jewelry gift for your loved this Valentine’s is sweet and as personal as you can be. It can also be tricky. If you need ideas, we at Peora can help you choose a gift to surprise her!

As a special occasion for lovers, Valentine’s day is known as a day of LOVE. It is as important as your partner’s birthday. Couple or lovers choose a present which is meaningful for each other.

For example, you can get a necklace gift that reminds you of what wife / girlfriend wore on your first date, a daisy earring which is her favorite flower, or how about crystal bracelet for her to wear when take her out on Valentine’s day?

Jewelry is always a meaningful choice. Here are some tips on what how to shop for jewelry gifts:

Tip #1

Scope your searching by giving budget for the gift.

Tip #2

Observe what type of jewelry your wife/girlfriend loves to wear - is it earrings, pendant, ring or bracelet? There is nothing better than actually seeing her wear your gift.

Tip #3

Last but not least, get her something that matches her character/ personality.

  • Confident woman - pendant with geometric shape could represent her versatile and energetic personality
  • Feminine - jewelry with heart shape, curvy detail lines; diamond accents, etc.
  • Soft and gentle lady - flower, small diamond ring, lace, nature-themed etc.

These easy tips will help you choose the best gift for HER this Valentine’s Day. If you need more advice, contact our amazing Concierge at We are looking forward to serving you.

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